Wicked Approved // Tasama

Roblox 3D Animator

I am an animator, an animator with a certain set of skills.

Currently I use a mix of the stock animation editor and Moon Animation Suite. I plan to move to Blender at a later date.

Old animation reel can be found here. It is outdated, and I have no intention of updating it. Do not assume the information on it is valid.


Released projects

Complex: 91


Message me at any time! I will respond as soon as I see it. During the week, school comes first. During the weekend, how long I am able to work varies largely, though I have never made a client wait more than three days, assuming they give me the proper information. I am in the Eastern time zone, UTC−05:00. Assuming I am the sole animator of a project I tend to limit myself to two active projects at a time.


Say two of my clients want an animation done on the same day, but I cannot deliver. Who will I prioritize? Well, my prioritization is based off of numerous factors. The two projects I am working on at any point are labeled “Senior project” and “Junior project,” with Senior project having priority over Junior project. If I already have a project, and you commission me, your project will automatically be set to status of “Junior project.” This may change due to…

Prolonged inactivity by the staff of Senior project
Bad treatment by the the staff of Senior project
Mismanagement by the staff of Senior project

I will never say upfront, “you all are now my senior project.” However, you will know your project’s status if both projects manage to encounter the situation proposed at the beginning of this segment.

How much you pay me does not give your project priority over the other project I am working on, unless you already have priority.


The model I am to animate with must be ready and sent to me within 48 hours of you hiring me You must send a list of the animations you want within 48 hours of you hiring me. References are greatly appreciated, but not required.

You must be willing to make changes to said model if I request it, or allow me to make changes to the model. EX: “Hey can I add a joint here to get more articulation?” Obviously, all requests I will make will be within reason and I will provide an explanation as to why I need/would like that edit to be made.

You must understand that I am freelance. I am commissioned by you, I am not, and should not be seen as, a permanent team member, This is not to say that I will cut contact with you after our partnership is over, but I am not obligated to stay with your team under any circumstances.

You will allow me to post any and all work I have done for you to this portfolio, my Twitter, my website, and anywhere else I see fit. If you would not like me to show my work to the public before the game/the update is announced, that is reasonable and I will follow that wish. already have priority.


I usually charge 400R per animation. This is subject to change according to complexity. (is it super long? Is it super short and simple?) All animations shown above would be priced at 400R.

Another note, “simple” animations such as two limb weapon idles would be bundled for 400R. Example: A base idle with no weapon equipped would be 400R. Then, say you have a gun, a sword, an axe, and a staff. All the idles for these, as long as they are LAYERED onto the base idle animation, would be 400R as a group.

I also accept USD via Paypal at a rate of $5.00 per animation. Same rules apply as above. This is my preferred method of payment.

I DO NOT, under any circumstances, strictly take percentages. There are multiple reasons for this. Commission is much simpler, and I don’t have to make sure your team is pulling your weight.

If I make an animation that is to your liking, your payment to me comes first. Only after both parties confirm that the proper amount has been sent will I send you the animation.

I reserve the right to deny your commission if…

I don’t believe I can produce something satisfactory to your standards
You have a bad reputation for whatever reason
You continue to request changes
I cannot work within your deadlines
I am already booked
Along with any other reasons I might have, such as unprofessional behavior on your part.
These requirements are set in stone, I will not work for you if you do not agree to all of them.

*All payments are after tax.
*All animations are stored offline.
*All animations are done in Roblox Studio, and saved as KeyframeSequences.

Contact information

Discord: Wicked Approved#3013